Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Moonkillers Plus Psychic Support

Greetings. Quite a while back, whilst I was playing Inquisimunda I decided to create an Eldar pirate band to  terrorise the galaxy with. I had for a long time been a keen Eldar collector (can't really say player as I only had a couple of games of 40K) and kept promising myself I'd stop buying models and paint up what I had. I converted* some Eldar Guardian models and hey presto! I had a warband. That was about 2 years ago and now the new 40K is here I have a renewed interest in painting. As regular readers of this blog might recall I've gotten a fair bit done (by my standards anyway) for my Astra Militarum. Then I discovered the three GW technical paints (Waystone Green, Spiritstone Red and Soulstone Blue) and my previous disinterest in painting Eldar was gone! So during a recent bought of snow I managed to get a lot of work done to these (and other) models. So without much more prattle here are my painted up preciouses;

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Landing area 98

Just a quick post. Recently I finished the Mantic scenery below and thought I'd show it off. I bought a large box of Mantic  scenery about a year and a half ago and I'm only just getting round to finishing my first piece! It will fit in well with my ever increasing collection of things to clutter up my garage/loft. 

Landing area 98. It will use the same rules as the Skyshield Landing Pad only for a fraction of the cost!

Landing area 98 is the name of this terrain piece (for the sake of simplicity, it is the brand name of this type of landing pad as I'm sure it will be seen on many different Imperial planets). Cheaper than the Skyshield Landing Pad but more expensive than the Happy Guardsman Drop Hole®, this model is popular with Planetary Governors with large tithes to fulfill but also want somewhere their private shuttles can land in peace. Landing Area 98 was voted most cost efficient utility lander in What Governor's Orbital Dataslate - an interplanetary publication for those in power. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Big Mek's Throzbog's Thermonuclear Morkanaut

Big Mek Throzbog and the rest of Warboss Bluddakka landed on the asteroid containing the human garrison. Not goin' to be much of a scrap as ders only a few 'umies der. Still he mused, since he'd upgradid the engine in da Morkanaut he was eager to give it a lash. As the Orks surrounded the garrison he grabbed Throzbog and warned him "Dis is my show, Throzbog. Don't try annyfink funny, just stay at the back wiv da Lootas an let me and the boyz get stuck in!". "OR ELSE!". Slightly annoyed he just nodded and said "annyfink yoo say boss.". Seemingly calm, a menacing glint in Throzbog's eyes was the only indication of displeasure. With the roar of "Waarrgh Bluddakka!!" the Ork force attacked the beleagered outpost.

Myself and Dylan played the second battle in the Scargill Cleansing, blurb is here. The only difference to the last post is Dylan decided that the Sustained Assault rules were a bit unfavorable to the Astra Militarum force. 2000 points of Orks vs 1000 of Astra Militarum (plus a Bastion) was the forces. If the Bastion was destroyed it was an Ork win otherwise humanity wins the day. A rather interesting result of the game was the winner gains D3+1 command points to be used in a future game to represent intelligence gained /destroyed during the engagement.

Monday, 5 March 2018

What I Did On My Snow Day (part one)

Being a devoted hobbyist, the idea of a snow day makes me happy. Generally though, if there is a snow day then there are probably a few things I can do DIYwise when my better half is around. Storm Emma 1 hit Ireland following "the Beast From The East" 2 and it gave me some free time to paint up some Catachans. Here is the results;

Sadly these guys will probably be the first removed from units as they are just armed with lasguns. My standard colours for the regiment is used with some light green vest tops for these. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

"Do you want salt n' vinegar with that Luv?"

Two months into 2018 and some more progress has been made! This update is all Blind Beggar stuff. I'm a big fan of Blind Beggar, their models strike a chord with me. Not as batshit crazy detailwise as some companies, they are unusual models that are a refreshing change from the overly militaristic models I seem to be painting a lot lately. The models below mainly come from the Crew Of The Mother Hydra Kickstarter and the Deep Ones collection as well. They are all a bit fishy.

Dark Clergy Guy

The model below is from one of the 'Dark Clergy' sets. I like this one as it is unarmed, and can be used as an alien, a mutant or well, that's all I can think of for the minute. I painted a fish symbol on his top as is looks a plain without it and he can pass as a priest type that has contracted some strain of leprosy that turns skin grey without many appendages coming off. I decided to paint the top half of his robe different to the lower part as there was a very definite divide. Now he looks like an alien wearing a skirt and a hoody. He probably has a few ASBOs*.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Scenario Two of 'The Scargill Cleansing'

Dylan's next scenario for The Scargill Cleansing is hot off the press! The game is due to be played on Thursday, following the worldwide cards with hearts buying bonanza.

‘The Scargil Cleansing’

Hold Out

“Oi, get off your arses you lazy useless gitz, there is a bunch o umies dat what won’t stop trying to tell der bosses wot we iz up to.  Now I is gonna take all you lazy grubz and stomp em good n’proppa. Getz runnin youz gitz……”

“Incoming vox transmission from HQ sir” called specialist Brandt.  Major Schmidt looked up from the piles of data slates and report cubes, his eyes red from lack of sleep and constant screen use. “A large Ork force has been spotted moving at speed to our location Sir”, “it looks like they know we are here”. Schmidt cursed and turned away from the piles of reports, Woolstrop and his force should have crushed the Orks already. “Sgt, sound the alarm. Ready the men for action, and prepare to hold at all costs” He knew many of the men would not see another day.

A small Krablokistan force is holding an important surveillance tower in a remote area, data gathered here is being used to prepare the Scargil sector for the coming Ork invasion, Hold this position at all costs.

·         Orks are the attacker and will use the Sustained Assault rule.
·         Defenders army should be no more than 1000pts (Cannot use the extra 500 if won last mission)
·         The attacker can have up to 2000pts.
·         The Defenders deployment zone extends out in a 10” circle from the centre of the table.
·         Use a bastion model as the relay control hub, use the rules as in Chapter Approved.
·         If, at the end of turn five the Attacker has destroyed the relay they score D6+1 Victory Points, if however the Defender still holds the relay he wins the game.

The winner of this battle will be able to exploit the data gathered/destroyed to their advantage in one battle of their choice.  At the start of any battle, before the first turn, declare that you will use this advantage. Immediately add D3+1 Command Points to your total. This advantage can only be used once.

As you can see an interesting scenario that adds some more flavour to the campaign.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Baptism Of Promethium

Farg Woolstrop reread the report. It didn't make very salubrious reading. Waargh Gitsmasha (another of these xenos despots that seem to spring up twice a lunar cycle) had grown tired of fighting itself and had started migrating into the Scargill Sector - named after the planet and system of the same name. Due to the Krablokistan 47th's proximity to the sector a rapid redeployment was underway. Hemmerdale was Mitigated and the previous misunderstandings between both Ultramarine, Crimson Fists chapters and the Convent Of The Vengeful Scold were ironed out. The first blows of the conflict had begun so an advance force was sent to bolster an Imperial research base on the planet of  Spasitor. The vanguard of Waargh Gitsmasha had landed and were currently dismantling the base and using the occupants for target practice, additional rations and Mothbear baiting. The majority of the fleet moved on towards Scargill but a Pacification Class troop carrier - named The Erstwhile - detoured to Spasitor to dispatch the advance Ork force.  

The Scargill Cleansing Act I

Welcome to part one of our 40K campaign between my Astra Militarum force of the Krablokistan 47th regiment vs Dylan's Orks of Waargh Gitsmasha. The battle is 1500 points of battle forged goodness with all the whistles and bangs that accompany that. The mission is No Mercy so in addition to the usual victory points each unit destroyed also scores a VP as well. The initial preamble about the campaign is to be found here. I set up the terrain before Dylan arrived and he got to choose whichever table end to deploy in. I always find that an fair system as it makes the person placing terrain try to make the table as balanced as possible.

The Armies

The battle represents the first encounter of Waargh Gitsmasha's advance force attack on the first Imperial planet en route to the prosperous mining planet of Scargill. The Imperial force that landed on Spasitor is pictured below.
They included;
Farg Woolstrop, company commander.
Gilprect Von Staab, second in command.
Shilum Drool, astropath.
Four infantry squads.
A special weapons squad (flamers).
Veteran squad.
Ratling Squad. 
Two Leman Russ.
Two heavy weapons squads (mortars and heavy bolters).
Ten roughriders.
The force I put together was a fairly low power level that I thought might be fun to play. I took roughriders as even though they no longer exist in the 'official' codex, I have 20 in various states of assembly and thought as they're not the most overpowered unit in the army they might be a bit of fun. The picture below contains all the models I used for this soire. 

Standard battlefield deployment, otherwise known as the armoured square formation.